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Kbc Head Office Number KBC is abbreviated as Kaun Banega Crorepati. It is a television series broadcast in India. Similar to the US series about “Who wanna be a Millionaire”. “Amitabh Bachchan” except for one season was anchoring the show from episode 1. Illness was the cause of his absence. That season was anchored by “shah Rukh Khan”. Early seasons of this show were broadcast on the Star Plus channel. But later on, it was broadcast on the Sony Entertainment channel.

If we talk about this reality show, it is a game show. In this show, a game of knowledge is played. Questions related to general knowledge are asked and the one to answer quickly gets to enter the finals. Contestants in finals get to win cash rewards with every correct answer in a given time. A total of 13 seasons has been broadcasted till now. And that makes it a total of 1000 episodes.

For participating in this show, you have to register yourself. For that, you have to through the process of application and screen out the selection. And after that, is the completing the task of answering the question. The last process is that of interview. Now you can register online on KBC head office no or on KBC head office contact no.

How KBC is connected with all Sims in 2023?

Welcome to some other sensational Indian lottery redirects. The lottery is held twice a month. There is no one-time viewing limit for fans, viewers can watch twice a month without any hassle and you can talk to the KBC head office number. You can also see the approximate definitions of the lucky draw winners on this factor. Fans are always excited about the lottery game because it is the fastest interest of the miles through which people can move forward. In fact, this game is considered a lottery framework, this method is very unusual. Individuals from India will be able to do the proportions through online media here and for this, they can dial KBC Head Office Number Mumbai if they need to reach the officers involved through the KBC Head Office WHATSAPP number.

An internet connection will be required. This is the reason behind the growing number of people who treat people well. Similarly, you can honestly ask KBC Head Office Number India anything. The meeting of the owners all around is up to them to guide in the form of fans and make the best deal overall. It’s a decent thing to do, and it should end there.

SIM participation – Kbc Head Office Number

Like the IMO KBC head office number, fans can get more interested through SIM. Fans can enjoy this choice and think about which community they use. Everyone can choose at their own risk, no one is allowed to help another person in proportion. Fans get the best prices. The total prize money is Rs. 2.5 million. Positive winners are an asset overall without any hassle or pressure. Basically, consider that the corporation owes you 30% of that cash.

Try your luck in Kbc 2023:

Good luck is a good sign for you and it is able to move your lifestyle forward. If you are a successful person, your chances of winning will increase. The great thing is that lovers do not have to worry about support for academic status or effective commitment. In the same way that lovers use different tactics, some people decide to contact the KBC head office number Kolkata officials modified due to a newer version considering the virus. The cholera epidemic has changed the timetable of the whole world. So in the current situation, lovers have an extra stable experience of applying for KBC head office mobile number.

Here is the KBC lottery winners 25 lakh list

No KBC Winner Name Lottery Amount Lottery Number Winner Mobile Number
1 Mr.Mrinalini Dubey 25,00,000 98300 902******790
2 Mr.Aarti Jagtap 25,00,000 89910 837******901
3 Ms.Pooja Vastrkar 50,00,000 0077 677******880
4 Ms.Runa Saha 25,00,000 00878 889******701
5 Mr.Phoolbasan Bai Yada 25,00,000 88910 786******125
6 Mr.Padma Shri 50,00,000 1122 771******170



Security is the key to achieving your goals. Security is essential today. In the event that you are random, it is a far cry to suggest that you’re record and overall risk. Blackmail calls and messages increase the likelihood of fraud, so avoid such people.

So what can be done in these situations or not? Don’t worry about it, consider the whole thing. Leaders are with you. For such circumstances, he set up the collection to keep out extortionists. Fans can insist on a large capacity for these submitted objectionable calls and you can verify these fake calls from KBC head office number Mumbai.


Everyone who casts their eyes upon it wants a go. They are standard people like us, so you can recreate them as a winner without any difficulty and they have been asked to solve a wide range of practice questions that are most present in this direction. ۔ Awakening Together The legitimate winner of this redirection seeks to keep its clients informed of the latest developments on electronic media channels, so go ahead with the first program of its kind and empathize with the winners for the upcoming season.

Drama welcomes you to Winner Display as it is one of the most popular TV displays in India. Which is miles away and in fact Indians are well equipped for this arrangement, as it is an entertainment display. This Lottery is available to everyone over the age of 18 living in India. And global Indians are allowed to participate in the 2023 lottery in the same way that Indians like game displays.

Important rules

Indians have been explicitly accepted to take part in the resistance. People 18 years of age or older from all over the world and India can participate. To register for the show, the element must fuse its name, location, cell phone range, and email. A modern section regulated by the Income Tax Act should not fight this direction from time to time. Requests are for questions of extraordinary desire, of which there are four alternatives and the easiest is the appropriate answer.

Each appropriate response saves the contestant a certain amount of money and if they do not resolve the existing inquiry they can effectively opt-out and retain the amount received. Whenever a component responds to a request, the overall improvement goes beyond the question, which increases the prize money for the 2023 lottery, which is on the final request.


Which artists are using cruel techniques to bring coins like they use numbers similar to JIO KBC head office number Mumbai. They are robbing the helpless people of our beloved province of India through fake IDs through WhatsApp, IMO calls, or FB Messenger. Don’t forget that we are passing on these statistics to the people of an Indian country, who are relieved by the agencies of these stony-hearted human beings. When our country’s human rights organizations receive WhatsApp SMS, lottery papers, IMO calls, contact us immediately on our website.

This is the only authentic KBC page in India. Other pages on the website are fake or fake. Only a wide range of our KBC head office or helpline can come with a first-class record. Don’t forget our page and get us in trouble.

Concluding remarks

This redirect is an undeniable special benefit and users can also reach KBC head office number 2023. With this game, you can fulfill your wonderful dreams with minimum effort. It is well equipped for the sensitive part of the surroundings so that you can participate in this show so that you can earn millions more. I would advise you to deal with this redirect very practically and make it without any hesitation so that you can be the next winner.

Kbc: contestant selection

Contestants that come live on the show go through many procedures. Contestants above age 18 can apply. To start with, they apply for the registration by sending an SMS to the KBC head office contact no. They send their personal information along with that. Following the registration, a random screening process begins. Text containing questions are delivered to the “Chosen people”. After answering these questions these people are called for face-to-face interviews.

kbc Head Office Number

The contestants selected at the end are called for the show. Before reaching the final stage, they are completed against each other. The one with more correct answers in less time gets to become the one for “Hot Seat”. In the final segment, he or she is asked many questions with a time limit. By answering every question, they earn cash prizes. General knowledge or current affairs-related queries are asked. Thus, it gives everyone an equal chance to win. Seven crores is the maximum money ever won by contestants.

KBC: game-based reality program

This is a television series broadcast in India. Like other games, many clues or more like chances are used when they are in a pinch. These are called lifetimes, i-e by using that you can flip or avoid the question. Some other cards are used to take help from the audience or friends by making a voice call or a video call. Help from intelligent people present or special celebrity guests present can be taken. Another thing to discuss, prize money is earned by the right answers. Now, one can apply online on KBC head office real number.

Furthermore, the popularity of this series is because of its content. But the major credit goes to the appearance of Amitabh Bachchan. He is loved by all [people of every age group]. When he fell sick, his absence caused a drop in show ratings. Later onward, the drop was revived on his return. But as a whole, KBC is a television series, loved by all.

KBC head office 

The KBC headquarter is situated in Mumbai. To be exact, “Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, India” is KBC head office Mumbai address. This place is open all day long. They provide their services for 24 hours [round the clock].

KBC Game Show

KBC Game

The KBC head office real number is 0019152084400. Everyone is allowed to call them at any time from a location. For any queries, they would answer them and guide us. For joining their online chat-box, 0019152084400 is the KBC head office number WhatsApp. Thus, not only the main landline but KBC head office number WhatsApp is also present online. So, everyone can easily access them.

The head office is managed by its manager. He is a talented and skilled person. “Rana Pratap Singh” is the KBC head office manager’s name. He also anchored a few series of KBC. He is also very famous and many people follow him on SNS. Thus, it would be good news for them. He might anchor the coming season. He works in Mumbai headquarters.

KBC offices are present all around the country. The KBC head office in Kolkata is one of them. As the name shows, it is located in Kolkata. The exact location is “11, 11, Nagendra Nath Rd, Pratapaditya Nagar, Nagerbazar, Kamardanga, Kolkata, West Bengal 700028, India”. This place is open all day. Thus, For any query, call the number, 0019152084400.

Their employees are always there for their customers. They supply 24 hours services for their clients. They are very punctual and loyal to their duties. They welcome all types of complaints and regulate themselves by that. For any doubt or uncertainty, call KBC head office real number. You can join their live chat box by adding their KBC head office number on WhatsApp. Anyone from KBC headquarters will answer all of your questions and confusions.

Fraudsters that act like KBC

Stay aware of conmen and fraudsters. Anyone who calls and asks for a large sum of money, are all conmen. Such calls where callers declare some reward with no proof are all fraudsters. Thus, write a complaint to KBC head office contact no; you can use the KBC helpline no too. KBC employees would thank and welcome the complaints with open hands. They would do everything to catch or to stop these fraudsters.

Furthermore, writing complaints about them would prevent such happening. It will help others too. One important thing, always check the number of the caller. Most of them are cons, using numbers from the internet. Don’t get fooled by it. KBC doesn’t ask for money from winners or contestants. Don’t give your personal information without any confirmation or guarantee. Beware and stay safe and sound.

Ways To Contact KBC Head Office

Well KBC is an Indian show through which people can become millionaires. The KBC name is popular but its real name is Hindi words Kaun Banega Crorepati. This is a very popular program through which different people win lots of money. This is an easy way to get money but the contestants would have to go through different stages.

These members go through different tests and interviews before appearing in this show. The selected members were asked many questions [usually questions related to general knowledge]. Only one contestant is selected among all for the quick questions/answers game. This one contestant will have to honor to meet the actors.

Members are asked questions and given four choices. They have to select one of the four. Furthermore, the one, who answers more questions correctly and quickly becomes eligible for the final round. In the final round, one gets to win cash prizes, for answering each question correctly in a given time. People who answer more are rewarded greater than the people who answered less.

There are many through which the people can contact the KBC head office.

Original KBC Head Office Number

The KBC has made an impact on the people of India. Many Indians want to participate in this reality show. This program is liked by many peoples. In the same case, a brand attracts lots of customers. The original KBC head office number is 0019152084400. This is the number through which the people can contact the office.

Through the help of the above number, other problems can also be notified. It can also give you instructions about KBC. The offices throughout India can also be contacted and the respective problems can be solved. This is for the convenience of the customers.

2023 KBC Season 

KBC head office number 2020 was 0019152084400. In 2020 the pandemic was at its peak. The people were in distress but the Amitabh Bachan, an actor was selected for this season. He was stating the auditions. There was no audience in the studio this season. Due to social distancing, the audience was not allowed.
The airing was also late because of Corona. At last, this season was started. Many contestants have played this game. They also win huge prizes. Many poor people make money from this show. This is a great chance for the deserved people. They can get rich and have all the things that he or she wants.

Scams Regarding KBC 

There are different scammers who scammed lots of people. Students and different people get scammed. The scammers would request money and won’t leave the people. These scammers are giving this program a bad name. They are doing everything possible to scam the people.

These days, there are many fake SMS going around similar to KBC SMS. These SMS about cash prizes won by receivers are being sent to random members. They are conmen. They are doing fraud with you. You can file a complaint about them at KBC head office. KBC head office is getting complaints from many people. They are encouraging everyone to file these complaints.

Do not back off from filing the complaint. Because no complaint will make them roam free. The KBC is also trying to block these scammers who have left a bad impression. These cyber robbers are benefiting from this program publicity. These are the conmen who are scamming lots of people.

KBC teams are doing everything possible to bring convenience to the customers. They want to handle these conmen. People are being given notifications on different pages and sites. The people should also be smart about this scam.

Akash Verma KBC head office

Akash Verma is the name of the KBC lottery manager. He manages the office and tries his best to help the customers. He is also letting the people know that don’t get caught in scammers’ net. You should be smart with it as scammers are watering your mouth.

You can also see the winner of the previous year’s winners on the official page. Also, the KBC doesn’t want money from its customers. But as the name suggests it gives money. They make people with smart millionaires. Also, every citizen has the right to apply for this show.

KBC Head Office Phone Number

The customers can contact the office in different ways. You can contact the office either on WhatsApp or call on phone. in this way, they know the customer’s queries. The KBC head office phone number is 0019152084400. This is kind of an official number to contact. All the information would be valid.
If you can’t visit the KBC office physically then there is this way to contact. How convenient is this system? The helpline can suggest to customers the way deal with your respective problem. you can see how convenient are these ways. If any problem arises you should contact the office.

KBC 2023 Registration 

The 2023 year program is coming on. So, the registration for the KBC 2023 season has been started. You can call the office and register yourself for the next session. Everyone can apply to become a millionaire. Different people are really pumped. The previous 2 years are not the same as this coming years. It is because of the COVID-19. It would be quite enjoyable.

KBC Head Office New Delhi MD Rajkumar

The KBC head office in New Delhi managing director is MR. Raj Kumar. He is doing his job greatly. He is doing his best to manage the whole office. Through these great people, the poor people are benefiting. Also, the viewers can also enjoy these programs. These programs are quite fun.

Jio KBC Lottery Head Office Number

The year 2023 is coming on so the phone number to contact the main office is 0019152084400. In these programs, different people gain the opportunity to win money. As no age limit in these programs. Different people would try to give it a try. So the casters have thought about this program. The contestants can also win different prizes with money.

How did Himani become the KBC lottery winner?

Welcome to another Blueberry, today we will talk about a female teacher who became the winner of KBC and connected to the KBC head office mobile number during her gameplay. A seemingly weak math teacher based in Himani, Agra has become the first millionaire of season 13. After being selected from a difficult situation by the show’s host Amitabh Bachchan, the 25-year-old stepped forward to resolve an inquiry. In the wake of some unacceptable response to the Rs 7 crore inquiry, Himani quit the game but with a financial reward of Rs 1 crore. At the end of the scene, he thanked the host and told the authorities through KBC head office number Kolkata how he used the cash to open a unique training ground for educating Deviang (disabled) children.

Known as a teacher and currently, a movement for everyone, Himani is currently second in his game show career. Himani left host Amitabh Bachchan and the audience became interested in his understanding and nature as he made a request and then bravely and easily moved on to the following. In addition to winning total prize money of Rs. Throughout the scenario, the idea of ​​what humanity saw as an obstacle and the vast amount of data that it had transformed into thinking was slowly disappearing.

Himani informed the KBC head office number Mumbai that he was a staunch supporter of the show and should have come on TV in a credible way. “I’ve been working on this game show since 2009,” he told KBC’s head office number. I can be 13-14 years old or a few years old. At the time, it was a message structure, yet it could not go beyond that.

When Electoral Structure launched the show in 2023 through the application, I thought it was possible. This time I finally made it. I never felt like I had to go further in my quest, even though I failed the long journey. I was disappointed and the shadow of this question came to my mind when I started receiving pre-enrollment messages at KBC’s head office address, which further strengthened my confidence.

The untold story of KBC winner

Himani further explored the time when he had an accident in 2011 in which one eye after another lost his sight. He also photographed the story during the scene and explained how the retinal dissection operation, which he should have seen more clearly, was not as organized as it should have been, which led to his long journey. Lost his sight Himani currently has a mild fever in one of her eyes, which means she can tell if it is dim or not. Challenging because of her condition, Himani shared, “I trust people who have a better point of view and ignore people who are aggressive. When I was in school I found old friends who were very persistent. Posting, colleagues, and boss were also close, I started liking it and kept moving forward.

Growing up in Agra, Himani watched her first lottery show linked to KBC head office number India when she was just nine years old. He even performed a test orchestra with his peers and copied the show. From here, it was a dream come true for him to watch shows, come on TV, and meet Amitabh Bachchan. However, in 2011, when she was 15, Himani had a stroke. When she recovered, over the course of a year and a half, she had some provocative experiences, enduring her good morals forever, and felt a shock. At one celebration, she says, there has been in no way a grin everywhere, and people years and a 1/2 had been terrible. Regardless, I didn’t lose all assumptions, my family stayed with me and helped me complete my steering.

In any case, the troubles didn’t stop here. Exactly when Himani endeavored to apply for school, she was excused in various establishments inferable from her insufficiency. In any case, the vital crossroads came when she went over Dr. Misra National Rehabilitation University, Luck now.

She said, at this foundation, understudies with failures and general understudies would learn together. I got a seat here and met others with failures like mine. The school and my sidekicks helped me with turning out to be all the more cordial and complete a Bachelor’s accreditation in Education. Then, I tracked down another profession at KendraVidalia, Agra as a numerical educator.

In 2023, Himani continued to examine her premium to look into KBC and selected herself for the Season 13 show. Right when she was picked, she felt like it was a gift from paradise.

What does Lakshmi say about Host?

About Big B as the host, Himani said, his lively voice reassured me. I was convinced that there was nothing I could do for a living. Maybe I’ll win or leave with some data. I struggled with my head every second. I’m fascinated with the show, but so is Mark Music. Last year, I hosted a test show at my school and used the JIO head office WhatsApp number there. My relatives are bothering me by saying that KBC head office theme will run at my wedding too (laughs).

Family support

Himani was assisted by a similar KBC head office helpline number and explained the meaning of monitoring the show’s winning Rs 1 crore. My father is not working after the immediate effect of Covid so I really want to start his business. In addition, I need to set up a local learning area for people with disabilities. I also do care studios and need to see them being implemented across the country. Depending on the number of leaves I get from school, I want to go to Goa. I should go on a tour of South India with my people. In addition, she would like to take care of the money to start a great academic concentration in order to get Deviant under Studies.

If you want to participate in this redirection you should follow our web page it’s the best platform for motivational purposes.

Tips to become lottery winner 2023

Welcome to another blurb, KBC sim card lottery has acquired a ton of acknowledgment and reputation because it became first offered in pretty a while. Countless individuals are successfully partaking inside the preference for working on their lives by the way of triumphing super prize and confirming their prize through KBC head office Mumbai. Be that as it is able to, it for the maximum part is predicated upon possibility, and one’s fortune”

Assuming that you had been looking for an opportunity to test your fortune, then, at that factor, you’re perfectly placed! We can give you the maximum recent reports in regards to this new SIM Card Lottery 2023, led by using KBC head office number Mumbai. A couple of intersections in history are uncanny. One such event is the dispatch of the all-new TV successive in 2000 named KBC. This is a severe understanding of the articulation of who should be a tycoon.

The show is at first an Indian TV gathering for the TV game show test that began in England. Many reasons made this show a second hit with people. The underlying five requests were basically clear money grabbers and you can assure through the KBC head office WhatsApp number. The person who has journeyed this far made sure to sack some proportion of significant worth money as they return to their homes. For the Indian groups, this was the underlying time seeing the best game show prize money that has been introduced on a phase until recently.

Top Ranked Lottery

The game show raised the assumptions for a few people while Noreen a housewife stowed the pinnacle prize inside the season. The game show opened up any other verbal exchange among people and advised them to check out schooling and records based totally inquiries. People at home could likewise get a decent sort of diversion and they might discover a few new statistics constantly. The officials of KBC head office Kolkata likewise accommodated the ordinary residents to meet with a celebrity of the Bollywood commercial enterprise.

The TV version of the display has arrived at stop till extra notification beside it’s far as but attainable to maintain to win and become the subsequent KBC champ 2023. Some numerous flexible games and packages permit individuals to play this game from their homes. Notwithstanding, the JIO community permits individuals to retain taking an interest and going into the show with the assistance of online enrollment through KBC head office Delhi as well.

The jio network is a telecom supplier within the Indian vicinity and it has received tremendous ubiquity because of its KBC lottery conspire. At the factor, while the show becomes first dispatched the full-size majority did not technique web places of work? The TRP score for the display turned relatively high as people from the adjacent nations would likewise take a look at our watch the display.

The display changed into broadcasted in the early evening while maximum families had been ingesting and they might partake inside the fun and enlightening sport viajio KBC head office number. commonly, the sports show becomes the perfect technique for beginning the cordial discussion inside the drawing rooms and permitting all of the spouses and children to appreciate it further likely. The host positioned a first-rate deal of exertion into ensuring that their show might get the maximum viewership and make it engaging concurrently.


We have an exciting announcement for all Lottery lovers! For enlistment in lucky Draw 2023, a record for your name isn’t needed anymore. All you really need is a jio KBC head office number with which KBC can accomplice with you. Our fundamental difficulty is the pleasure and effortlessness of our customers which is the legitimization of this new methodology. KBC is currently related to all smartphones and KBC head office contact numbers. The lottery has acquired a ton of acknowledgment and acclaim since it was first presented quite a while.

Countless individuals are effectively taking part in the expectation of working on their lives by winning the excellent prize. In any case, it, for the most part, relies upon possibility, and one’s fortune”

Assuming that you have been searching for an opportunity to test your fortune, then, at that point, you’re perfectly located! We will give you the most recent reports in regards to Lottery 2023 through the KBC head office contact number. Members had been allowed to enlist with but many smartphone numbers as they need, expanding their odds of prevailing the lottery. It is an excellent possibility to take a shot, however, there’s no should be debilitated assuming you don’t win. There are quite a few possibilities to partake once more in the course of the subsequent round this begins with the start of continuously.


It has gotten fundamental for people to overwhelm the real through calls, SMS, and Whatsapp messages. You have to pay special mind to any questionable calls, texts, or something exceptional information that is apparently a ways from the actual international. One person you need to be aware of is Rana Pratap Singh, who has been linked with unique coercion instances regarding KBC.

Because of any questionable improvement, hook up with our delegates hastily thru our KBC Head office number, or thru our WhatsApp. In any case location numbers, Pakistani numbers with codes 0092, and +923 are further being used to unfold counterfeit information through KBC head office.

Swindlers are without difficulty perceived especially considering the way that maximum of them will demand you to keep resources into their very own facts. Such underhanded get-togethers are also alluded to having sent messages as a confirmation, however, you certainly want to channel the genuine statistics from the made invigorates, and connect to us swiftly for definitely take a look at purposes.

On observing your name in the most recent lottery champs records, reach out to us quickly to guarantee your prize. You might reach out to us for any questions, but we are not to be considered mindful if there should arise an occurrence of reaching some unacceptable individual.


A while back the show has become changed for a concise period too. However, the aficionados of the show need now not be crippled using any and all means. The convenience cycle may be found out by using kbc head office WhatsApp number Mumbai.